Scotiabank Agreement

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This digital access agreement (this agreement) contains the conditions applicable to your use of digital maps and services (see Appendix A) and your consent to obtain electronic documents, if applicable (see Appendix B attached to them). This agreement contains, by reference to the provisions of other agreements that you have already concluded between you and us with regard to digital services, as well as your consent contained in these agreements for the receipt of electronic documents (the others). These other agreements may include, but are not limited to, scotiabank`s privacy agreement, ScotiaCard Cardholder Agreement, credit card holder contracts, online security guarantee, mobile security guarantee, Apple Pay terms of use and Android Pay terms of use. Where there is a conflict between a clause in another agreement and this agreement, the other agreement is a priority to the extent that it is necessary to resolve the conflict. Phone: 1-877-700-0043 Fax: 1-877-700-0045 Email: Letter: Privacy Office c/o The Office of the President, Scotiabank West Toronto ON M5H 1H1 Mobile Banking means Scotiabank services to which they can access via the Mobile Banking app or via the Internet browser on your mobile device. If you are responsible for transactions made on your account pursuant to this “Your Responsibility” section, you understand that this responsibility in addition to any liability for transactions you have in connection with credit contracts (including the Revolving Credit Agreement) and other agreements that apply to your accounts or that are stipulated in another section of this Agreement. Scotiabank notifications are subject to the terms of your agreement with your mobile operator and/or Internet service provider. You are responsible for any fees or fees of any kind charged by your mobile operator and internet service provider. You acknowledge that in addition to all fees, fees, conditions and conditions in this Agreement, your accounts are also subject to all fees, fees and conditions set out in all other agreements and documents relating to your accounts and/or your use of digital services.

For more information on digital services, rates or rates, you can also visit us online at These agreements include, but are not limited to, the revolving credit agreement (for credit accounts), the Day-to-Day Banking Companion Booklet (for personal bank accounts), the Investment Companion booklet (for investment accounts) and the Scotiabank Privacy Agreement. 5. Your obligation to access the designated information system: you agree to access the designated information system at least monthly to verify electronic documents. All bids are considered correct and binding to you unless you provide proof to the contrary to Scotiabank within the time frame set out in your account agreement. If this deadline is not set, you must notify us of an error within 60 days of the disputed entry date. You confirm that you have the technical skills and electronic resources to do so. They recognize that the technical and security requirements for access to the designated information system may vary from time to time. If, for any reason, you cannot access the information system designated to meet your obligations under this section, you must revoke your consent in accordance with the “revocation of consent” (see Section 7 below).

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