Software License Agreement For Maxon Cinebench

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Cinebench works in part with code that is part of Maxon`s 4D software to render a three-dimensional scene on your machine with advanced algorithms. This is used to measure the efficiency of your openGL and CPU parameters. For a fair test, be sure to close all other apps next to Cinebench before. Click “Run” next to “CPU (Single Core)” to see a more detailed breakdown of your processor`s performance. This makes it possible to measure the speed measured in “cb” of the nuclei of individual processors. Cinebench also displays your MP report – the ratio between Single Core and Multi Core. Cinebench uses its own scoring system, measured in units of “cb” to measure CPU power. After performing each test, the app also shows how your CPU can stand out from other computers. That`s how we do all the tests. You can specify a log file to record test results based on command-line parameters, for example.B.: There are different tests that you can run, and you can also save the results to a log file. The results are displayed with the Cinebench own scoring system.

In this manual, you will learn not only how to perform basic and advanced tests on your computer, but also how it is compared to other similar models. This is a great way for reviewers to ensure that the new hardware meets the manufacturer`s requirements, as well as for power users, to verify that their system is still ship-shaped. Command-line junkies will also be pleased to learn that Cinebench now has a Command Line Interface (CLI). This is covered in the guide, but we strongly recommend that you try the simple GUI first. Enter your material details in the “My field of work” section. If your hardware is not listed, select “Other” from the “Model” menu and enter the name. For years, the good people at Maxon have been offering a free and simple way for computer owners to evaluate system performance via their “Cinebench” utility. For example, to check how well OpenGL works in your system, click the “Run” button at the top left. Cinebench posts an epic video of a car race and then evaluates your performance in fps….

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