Trade Agreements Thresholds Canada

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The Ontario government has worked with the federal, provincial and territorial governments to build closer ties with trading partners by negotiating agreements that remove barriers to trade and investment. As a covered organization, the University of Toronto is responsible for meeting government procurement obligations in the relevant chapters of the CFTA (Chapter 5 – Government Procurement), CETA (Chapter 19 – Government Procurement) and AQCTA (Chapter 9 – Government Procurement). This Communication on contractual policy has three elements: the replacement of NAFTA, the updated thresholds for obtaining free trade agreements and the collection of statistics on the country of origin. The Canadian International Trade Tribunal (IATTC) is the primary quasi-judicial institution in the Canadian trade settlement system. The IATTC has the power to investigate complaints about contracts under trade agreements. For more information, see: Regarding: Updating the thresholds for free trade agreements National and international trade agreements that have purchasing obligations: this is important given that most of the means of purchase can come from the federal state, but for most projects, the purchasing entity is at the national or local level. While these trade agreements do not apply to municipalities, open access to government procurement is an important benefit of the WTO GPA and offers considerable new opportunities. The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) came into force on July 1, 2017 and replaces the Free Trade Agreement (AIT). It is an intergovernmental agreement to promote improved trade between provinces by removing barriers between provinces and encouraging the free movement of people, goods, services and investment within Canada, and strengthens the treaty with the provinces` obligations under the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic Agreement (CETA) and the WTO Agreement on International Trade And Interoperability (GPA) d e the WTO. It is a bilateral trade agreement between Ontario and Quebec and is consistent with the CFTA. The open tendering thresholds under the OQTCA for goods, services and construction are the same as those under the Public Procurement Directive and the procurement policy for universities, including construction.

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