Usufruct Agreement Philippines

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 The Secretary of Usufruct is entitled to the following improvements: 1. Useful improvements2. Luxury improvements But1. It does not alter the form or content of property held in usufruct2. He is not entitled to a refund, but he is Mayan. Either remove the improvements if no significant damage to the property is caused in the usufruct. Or to compensate for improvements with damages for which it can be held liable under section 574. When the usufruct includes things that cannot be used without consumption, the usufruct is allowed to use them, subject to the obligation to pay their value, complaint at the end of the usufruct, if they have been valued on delivery. If they have not been evaluated, he has the right to reimburse in the same quantity and quality or to pay their current price at the time of the extinction of the usufruct. (482) Since the jus disponendi and the title are bare property, he reserves the right to transfer the property, but he cannot change its form and substance or do anything that leaves the product of usufruct art.

577. The usufruct of forests can benefit from all the advantages it can produce according to its nature. If the forest is a forest or is made of timber, the owner of the usufruct, like the owner, can usually cut or cut down, as is usual, and in the absence of this, he can do so according to the customs of the place in terms of nature, quantity and season. Section 593. Extraordinary repairs are the responsibility of the owner. The usufruct merchant is obliged to notify the owner if the need for such repairs is urgent.

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